About GoGreywater

photo 4Kampa Community Solutions and its subsideriaries Droughtresponse and GoGreywater were formed in 2014 by Peter and Debi Kampa to provide California communities with a broad array of innovative resources and strategies to ensure the sustainability of vital local services.    

This historic  drought and our lack of response thereto is painful evidence that as communities, we have become overly dependent

images (1)upon an unsustainable amount of water for our pleasure, use and disposal.  Community leaders are calling for water conservation as they have many times in the past; but this year is different.  We are going to run completely out of water, and/or sustain so much damage that we will not view water in the same way….until our water use patterns once again begin to be wasteful  after 2 to 3 wet years.  Our methods will change water use practices….for a lifetime.