Building Drought Resilience

Our mission is simple.

We provide information to help you build your own greywater and rainwater reuse system.

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GoGreywater is a local company formed in Tuolumne County specifically to help our community immediately reduce its water consumption, save our beautiful landscaping and essential gardens, and save water cost.

This is a real water emergency. Four years of drought and our communities are running out of water!

As residents, we may be concerned about our lawn, roses, tulips and summer vegetable garden.  But what about potable water for our hospital, elderly care facilities, schools and businesses?  Without potable water, they cannot function and would have to close until the water supply returns.  We can and will do our part as a community to get control of our demand for water.

Our goals are clear.  GoGreywater was created to provide our community with an array of water conservation and water use efficiency options that can be put in place quickly to respond to the water conservation requirements of the local water utility, save existing landscaping, reduce water consumption to save money, and to preserve the water supply available to the community for sanitation and firefighting.